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    GreenCar Marketplace can help you find the electric or hybrid model that’s right for your lifestyle! Many people are interested in electric cars, but aren’t familiar with the difference between electric vehicles, hybrid electric, and plug-in electric vehicles. You may be wondering, “What is an electric vehicle, exactly?” There are three main types of electric cars to choose from. Each kind brings its own pros and cons.

    • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV): These are fully electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries and an engine that uses no gasoline. Electricity is stored for later in high-capacity battery packs.
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV): What does a hybrid car mean?Essentially, a hybrid operates on both electricity and gasoline. The braking system generates the electrical energy needed to recharge the battery (a.k.a. regenerative braking). As speed increases or after 1 to 2 miles at low power, the gas engine will kick in, ensuring the car has enough power.
    • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): Through regenerative braking and plug-in charging at home or at electric car charing stations, these types of EVs recharge their batteries. Usually, after about 10 to 40 miles, their gas engines will step in to provide more power.

    There are a lot of electric car pros and cons to consider before you buy. The main pro, of course, is they’re better for the environment, and your budget as you save on fuel costs during your regular driving. Fully electric cars (excluding hybrids) have no exhaust system and don’t release harmful emissions into the air. They help create cleaner air with fewer greenhouse gases. Other pros and possible cons include:

    • EVs require less expensive and less frequent maintenance.
    • EVs are quieter than gas vehicles.
    • Gas is more expensive than electricity and is a natural but non-renewable resource.
    • Taxes credits may be available to you if own an EV.
    • Recharging the battery will take some time.
    • Initially, EVs can cost more than gas-powered cars.

    Find an EV by Your Favorite Green Car Manufacturer

    GreenCar Marketplace carries a wide selection of electric and hybrid cars for sale. Whether you’re searching for Honda hybrid cars, a Toyota Camry Hybrid for sale, or a Hyundai hybrid SUV, we can help you find it! Here’s a quick overview of the new, CPO, and used EVs and hybrid models we offer:

    • Honda Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid, Insight, CR-Z, and more
    • Toyota Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, RAV4 EV, RAV4 Hybrid, Prius, and more
    • Hyundai Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: IONIQ Electric, IONIQ Hybrid, IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid, Kona EV, Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-in Hybrid
    • Volkswagen Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: e-Golf
    • Nissan Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: LEAF, Rogue Hybrid
    • Kia Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: Niro, Niro Plug-in Hybrid, Optima Hybrid, Optima Plug-In Hybrid, Soul EV
    • Chevrolet Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: Bolt EV, Malibu Hybrid, Spark EV, Volt

    Keep in mind, this is just a snapshot of our inventories! You can find even more electric and hybrid cars for sale when you partner with us.

    Hybrid, Electric Car Financing Offers Available

    Are you looking for an EV dealership near you? Visit our complete website to find EVs and hybrids for sale near you. If you’re searching for used hybrid cars for sale, our team of friendly experts can help you find a vehicle that makes sense for your budget and lifestyle. You can also use our comparison grid to help you narrow down your choices, and find a model that checks all of your boxes.

    Test Drive an Electric or Hybrid Car Near You

    Ready to start shopping for your new, CPO, or used electric vehicle? As your premier electric car dealership source, GreenCar can answer any questions you may have about the different types of EVs and the top electric car manufacturers. If you’d like to speak with us directly, reach out to us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at 503-946-9946.

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